eLearningArt Affiliate Program
If you have an audience of eLearning developers, then this program is perfect for you.

eLearningArt Affiliate Benefits

  • Earn money through a win-win: Earn a commission by sharing a great resource.
  • No risk to your audience: We pay our affiliates commission based on number of free trial signups, not sales. So you can feel comfortable that your audience only pays a dime if they’re happy with the service.

Affiliate Partner (Share A Sale) Beneftis

  • Trusted affiliate program: We’ve partnered with Share A Sale, a leader in the affiliate marketing space.
  • Automated payments: Automatic payments are made from Share A Sale to you. The account is already funded, so you know you’ll get paid.
  • Ease of implementation: Once you sign up, it only takes minutes to go live with the program on your site.
  • Tracking & reporting: Your dashboard will provide detailed tracking and reporting of your program.
  • Helpful resources: Banner ads with you link codes, link generators, and more built right into the platform.

Affiliate Sign Up
How it works

  1. Create an account
  2. Get affiliate links, such as banners and links, and post to your website, blog, or newsletter (the links contain your unique tracking code)
  3. When a customer signs up for a free trial, you get paid $25, regardless of if they become a paying customer