Welcome! Let's rock your portfolio over the next 3 months! I'm looking forward to working with you.

Here are the next steps

We'll be setting up your accounts over the next week

Your eLearningArt library account will be sent to you in the next 5 minutes. This is NOT the portfolio course. It’s just a resource you’ll use to help with your portfolio development. 

The portfolio course information will be sent to you 1/28/20 after we’ve closed the signup for this cohort and set up your course access. 

You’ll get both an access email for the library and an invoice for your purchase today. The course email will come on Jan 28th. 


eLearningArt Confirmation Emails - Login and Receipt
eLearningArt Onboarding

Schedule a 1-on-1 call with Bryan

As a bonus, you’ll get a 30 minute kickoff call with Bryan. 

 You can schedule that now for anytime in the next 3 weeks.  

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