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People in Suits

We have thousands of pictures of people in suits. Some of the highlights of the images below include:

  • Multiple pictures of the same model in many poses
  • Background removed so that you can put the character on top of any image

All of our sets of pictures of people in suits include dozens of images of each person in various shots, such as talking, happy, angry, and a variety of other poses. Also, the models face both the camera and each other so that you can easily tell a visual story in an eLearning course. You can view thumbnails of the poses included by clicking any of the characters below.

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    Showing 1–12 of 26 results

    Showing 1–12 of 26 results

    How many pictures of people in suits are in each pack?

    Each pack has over 100 images of each model.

    How many angles are the characters photographed from?

    All of our people in suits character packs include at least 4 angles: facing the camera, angled to the side, facing the back, and angled back and to the side.

    What format are the files in?

    All of our people picture images have the backgrounds removed and are saved as PNG files with transparency. That means that you can put the characters on any background, or mix and match characters to create any scene.

    Do you have pictures of men in suits and pictures of women in suits?

    Yes, we have both men and women in suits. You can scroll up to see the available characters.