eLearning Characters | 50,000+ Cutout People in Sets for Scenarios, Stories, and More

eLearning Characters

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    Showing 37–48 of 508 results

    Why are eLearning characters useful?

    A good eLearning character is a set of the same person in many poses and from several angles. This allows you to create engaging courses through the use of storytelling or scenarios and also provides a lot of flexibility in use. The characters already have the backgrounds removed, so it's easy to put them on top of any background.

    How many images are in each character pack?

    The number of poses of each character ranges from 50-300, depending on the character. You can see the number of images per character on the product page, as well as thumbnail previews of each of the included poses.

    What products will the character packs work with?

    The characters are all in the standard .png image format, so they work with all eLearning authoring tool or graphic design program such as PowerPoint, Articulate, Adobe, Lectora, and many more.

    What format and size are the images in the character packs?

    The files are all .PNG images with the backgrounds removed. All of the characters are over 2,500 pixels tall, with most over 5,000 pixels tall. Most authoring tools are only 540-720 pixels tall, so you can do extreme zooms of 5-10x.