Our goal is not to provide links to every resource here. Rather, we’d like to provide a starting point for people new to e-Learning. Below are the 7 links that we think you should start with. If you have other ideas for good links, please contact us. BlogsRapid e-Learning Blog: Tom Kuhlmann’s blog is one of our favorites. He provides hands on lessons and tips for rapid e-Learning development. eLearning Learning: Tony’s blog provides a wealth of information, ranging from e-Learning news to trends and beyond. Making Change: Cathy Moore’s instructional design ideas are great. She provides some great ideas for getting away from boring, page-turner courses Associationse-Learning Guild: this is the trade association for the e-Learning industry. ASTD: The American Society for Traning and Development (ASTD) is another industry trade association. Media:eLearning Magazine: eLearning Magazine publishes a weekly e-zine covering industry news and trends. CLO Magazine: Chief Learning Officer Magazine is another good resource for news and trends.

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