Clip Art Characters

Learn how you can use clip are characters to create e-Learning scenarios.

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Cartoon or illustrated characters are a great way to create simulations or to spice up your e-Learning course.

Powerpoint has some decent clip art characters. In fact, Tom Kuhlmann recently blogged about some of his favorite Clip Art themes.

We’ve been playing around with a couple of themes ourselves. First, you should know that we have a bunch of character pose packs in PNG format, both real people and illustrated characters. You can drop these onto a background to create a custom scene. See our cartoon character packs.

The other thing that I’m really excited about is our animation packs. We’ve created a few pre-built animations in flash format that you can drop right into your course. When your course plays, you’ll see movement. This is a super easy way to add movement to your course without actually having to know flash. You can also download the flash file if you are a flash guru. 🙂

Check out what I threw together in a few minutes. The first and last slide show the animations. Please let me know what you think.


We’re also developing a few other themed packs. I’ll post a sneak peak soon.