Animate ClipArt in PowerPoint


Did you know you can animate individual elements of your ClipArt, not just the entire image. Check out the cool effects you can do once you ungroup your ClipArt.

Video Script

Hey this is Bryan Jones from eLearningArt.  Today I wanted to show you how you can ungroup clip art and add some animations for some cool effects.  So for example, with this phone, if you look at the phone on the right, I have it ungrouped and I added animation.

So it could be ring, ring, pardon the sound effects that’s me actually doing it.  Then same thing with this chart here.  The one on the right is ungrouped and what I did was, I animated a build showing and now something is going up.  So let’s actually go ahead and get into PowerPoint and I’ll show you how I built those.

So let’s zoom out here a little bit and open the selection and visibility pane.  And you know what?  Let’s just start from scratch here.  Let’s get rid of these.  Let’s get rid of everything else here on the screen.  Okay.  So this phone is a piece of clip art, and it’s an EMF format, but I – let’s just copy this over here.

So I duplicated it, just held control and dragged it.  So now I want to make that phone ring.  So if I do control shift G, which is ungroup, you can also right click ungroup, and then say, “Yes,” and then do it one more time, everything is ungrouped.

Now it usually has this box on top of it, that’s just – this clear empty box, let’s just go ahead and delete that one.  And let’s grab the three pieces of the phone that we want.  So piece one, piece two, piece three.  And then I’m going to control G, which is group, and now it’s its own group.

So the effect that made it ring was called a teeter, so if we go to add animation, and there is the teeter, there it is.  So let’s teeter once, and you know let’s go ahead and teeter again – oops, let’s add the animation again.  So teeter.  So you’ll see over here in the animation pane I have two teeters.

So if I hit play, ring, I did it twice right in a row.  Anyways, that’s twice.  It’s going to be the same effect, types of effects here or the same method for this bar chart.  Let’s go ahead and duplicate it, control D or you can control drag, and let’s drag this over here.  And the same thing, we want to ungroup.  And I’ll actually do this with right clicking.

So group, ungroup, yes, right click again, group, ungroup, we’re good to go.  There’s that blank empty box on the top, delete that.  And what I did here is I did an appear effect.  So let’s go ahead appear the first one, followed by the second one, followed by the third one.  And I believe this line is actually two things, well you can see those two little shapes.

Let’s actually hit control and select them both, and let’s group those together, control G, now they’re grouped, it’s just one object.  And what I did with that is a wipe.  So let’s wipe, and that doesn’t look quite right, from bottom to top.  And so actually I’d like to change that to be from left to right.  There we go.  That looks pretty good.

So now, if I preview these, ring, ring, and that’s a little too fast  Let’s walk through this slide.  Okay.  Ring, ring, and then build, build, build, wipe.  So those are a couple of simple effects that you can do just ungrouping and adding some animations.

But it allows you to do some creative things within an eLearning course.  Hope you found that useful.  I’m working on a few more lessons on clip art, and icons, and recoloring, and animating.  So if you want to see more of those, you can just go to my main page here.  You can go to and find that.  Or if you’re doing this on screener or YouTube, just go to – to my – my pages.

Thanks so much.

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