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It’s our pleasure to showcase the best eLearning examples from developers across the workplace learning community highlighting soft skills, compliance, scenarios, product training, software training, and more.

These innovative eLearning projects are built using a variety of tools, such as Storyline, PowerPoint, Captivate, and more, and most of them showcase eLearningArt characters or assets in action.

View the demos below for inspiration and ideas for your next workplace learning course in 2020.

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eLearning Example - Healthcare HIPPA Compliance Scenario

Healthcare HIPAA Compliance Scenario

By: ELA Studios

Synopsis: Short, realistic scenes show the nuance of how HIPAA compliance violations actually occur. The learner pulls the compliance content through stories, choice, and feedback, rather than through bullet points.

 Categories: Video | Soft SkillsTool: Storyline

Meditation Explainer Video

By: Gaples Institute & Jeanette Brooks

Short, 3-minute explainer video on meditation to promote mental health. 

Soft Skills Example – Workplace Warzone

By: ELA Studios

Synopsis: This short video conversation between 2 coworkers presents a realistic interaction, followed by an opportunity for learners to make a choice and get feedback. This course highlights the possibility of creating cinematic effects using only still images.


Soft Skills Micro-scenario - If there is Booze

By: Vignettes Learning / Ray Jimenez

Synopsis: This is one of several micro-stories that highlight potential workplace problems, with interactive choices and feedback provided at the end of each story.

Interactive Compliance Training

By: Yukon Learning

Synopsis: This scenario uses 3 short, realistic stories and with decision points and feedback sprinkled throughout.

Sexual Harassment Compliance Training

By: Jackie Van Nice

Synopsis: Centered around a single character, Arlo, who isn’t a bad guy, but does run into compliance issues. Learners are presented with “gray-area” scenarios and must determine if Arlo has violated policies (not obvious).

Medical Comic Scenario

By: eLearner Engaged

Synopsis: This comic-style scenario uses the comic panels and characters to set up a challenge, then allows the learner to make a choice and get custom feedback.

Soft Skills Scenario

By: Christy Tucker

Synopsis: Scenario showing how both primary and secondary goals can be achieved in a soft-skills managerial course. 

Customer Service eLearning Example - eLearning Coach

 Categories: Soft Skills | Scenarios | Call Center | Tool: PowerPoint

Customer Service Interaction

By: eLearning Coach (Connie Malamed)

Synopsis: Featured example in Visual Design Solutions demonstrating visual interest by breaking through the boundary lines of a box. Example showcases 4 audio listening scenarios.

eLearning Example - Sales Mobility Training

 Categories: Scenarios | Sales | Tool: Storyline

Sales Mobility Training

By: Jackie Van Nice

Synopsis: This course rolls up many different lessons through short scenarios that are representative of employee’s actual work day. Many opportunities for practice and feedback.

Gamification Example - The Flu Facts

By: Tracy Carroll

Informal learning game teaching flu facts to adults and children. Learn more about this project on Tracy’s site.

Code of Ethics: Know the Ethical Warning Signs

By: FH-Elearning.com

Synopsis: Interactive portfolio piece alerting Solaria associates to signs that they may be entering ethical danger zones. Learn more about this project by FH-eLearning.

Onboarding eLearning Example

Onboarding Training: Interactive Process Map

By: Lisa Lindert

Synopsis: Portfolio piece using and interactive process map, clear content, and graphical motivation. Learn more about this project by Lisa Lindert.

Safety Training – Build Your Tailgate Safety Meeting

By: FH-ELearning.com

Synopsis: Portfolio piece describing how to use the OSHA IMIS system to gather real-life examples. Learn more about this project by FH-eLearning.

Safety Training – Comic Scenario

By: eLearning Coach

Multi-panel comic storytelling safety scenario. 

Branching Scenario eLearning Example - Info Dump

Branching Scenario: Info Dump

By: Cathy Moore

Synopsis: Allison is the avatar leading the learner through a series of choices that lead to different outcomes.

eLearning Product Training Example - Rebilly

Product Manager Training

By: Rebilly

Synopsis: Internal product training focused on customer use cases to demonstrate the problems customers face in their current workflow. 

eLearning Product Training Example - Bee Line

 Categories: Product | Stories | Tool: PowerPoint

Prospective Customer Product Training

By: ProEdit

Synopsis: Rotating kiosk presentation designed for display at a conference to teach prospective customers more about service offering. 

Software Simulation Example - Richard Watson

 Categories: Software | Scenario | Tool: Storyline

Software Simulation in Storyline

By: Richard Watson

Synopsis: Avatar character introduces context to course before “show me,” “try me” software simulations built using Articulate Storyline.

Software Training eLearning Example - Karl Richter

Use-case Driven Software Training

By: Karl Richter

Synopsis: Instead of feature-based software training, this scenario-based software training pulls the training through user-driven inputs. 

Software Training eLearning Example -Avatar Guide

 Categories: Software | Tool: PowerPoint

Software Training Using Avatars

By: FH eLearning

Synopsis: Avatar guides the user through most common errors encountered during customer service calls. 

Software Training Example - Tools Tips

 Categories: Software | Tool: PowerPoint

Software Tool Tip Training

By: ELA Studios

Synopsis: Popup tool tips with characters are used to direct the learner through the completion of a form. 

 Categories: Video | Product | Tool: Snag It

Customer Product Training Example

By: ELA Studios

Customer product training video created using SnagIt video recording and sent to customers via email. 

 Categories: Video | Product | Software | Tool: Camtasia

PowerPoint Tutorial

By: ELA Studios

PowerPoint tutorial created using Camtasia. Highlights include a quick-start, 1-minute tutorial, followed by more detailed, advanced tutorials.  

 Categories: Scenario | Simulation | Sales | Tool: SmartBuilder

Hardware Simulation

By: Asurion

Synopsis: Hardware simulation using characters to set up realistic situations cable technicians run into on the job.

Other Popular eLearning Examples

eLearning Example - Branching Scenario

Branching Scenario – Connect with Haji Kamal

By: Kinection & Cathy Moore

Synopsis: Challenging branching scenario that often leads to the learner failing and retrying the scenario in order to find the best path.

eLearning Example - Interactive Storytelling - Broken Coworker

Interactive Storytelling - Broken Coworker

By: eLearner Engaged

Synopsis: Comic-based interactive storytelling where the user’s choice drives outcomes. 

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