Our Cutout Hands Deliver the Message

Need to beckon for your learners’ attention, making them curious to know more? The eLearningArt cutout hand collection will point the way!

Hands capture interest, and our diverse and creative cutout handsets can deliver the message. 

Cutout hands are part of the eLearningArt membership library, which includes:

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Cutout hand images for today's eLearning

Directing Attention

Second only to our faces, hands can express so much. The eLearningArt cutout hands collection helps you make the most of that expressiveness. Got something your viewer needs to pay attention to? Hand it to them, almost literally, with a close up hand holding it, pointing to it, or counting it off, 1 – 2 – 3. Let our cutout hands deliver your important messages.

Creative Possibilities

Of course, the eLearningArt cutout hand collection fits right in with our “everything works with everything else” approach, and you know what that means? It means you can hop right up into that director’s chair and use some awesome techniques right out of filmmaking 101. For example, imagine the impact of starting with a character at full body height looking their phone, pulling in on their head and shoulders to show their emotions, then cutting to their hand with the phone and its message. Wow, that’s what we’re talking about!

Instant Messaging

Speaking of hands holding things, have you ever noticed that you’re naturally curious about what another person has in their hand? Even a simple piece of paper seems like it might be important! This is another secret power of using cutout hands in your learning program: You’ve got your viewer engaged the moment they think, “I wonder what’s in his hand?” or “That phone she’s holding … what does it say?” Now, take the opportunity, cut in, and deliver the learning, boom!

fall in love with our features

Our stock graphics belong to a system built for workplace learning.

Unlike other stock graphic sources, the eLearningArt collection is built with your projects in mind, and nothing else. That means you’re going to find what you need quickly, and it’s all going to snap together seamlessly. When you start at eLearningArt, you get your slides built and projects delivered!

Our stock graphics work with the tools of workplace learning.

Everything we offer at eLearningArt has been tested in the real-world of digital workplace learning tools. That means our stock graphics deliver the solutions you need whether you’re using PowerPoint for a presentation deck, developing eLearning in Storyline, Captivate, Lectora, or another authoring tool, or making motion graphics happen. You’re going to love how much easier program development is about to become!

Our stock graphics deliver infinite variety and possibilities.

Variety isn’t just the spice of life, it’s also what flavors workplace learning! Your learners will love to see what you cook up with our wide selection of cutout images and hands, big sets of icons, and vast collection of background options. You’re going to have fun, too, mixing and matching across the library to create the tastiest learning programs ever. (And, yeah, we just made ourselves hungry to see what you’ll make with all the great ingredients!)

Our stock graphics let you zoom, crop, color, and play.

We know you need to get things just right, so we’ve built workability right into our stock graphics. For example, all of our photo images are at least 2,500 pixels wide. (That’s 4x larger than you need for standard-sized programs!) Icons, backgrounds, and objects downloaded as .svg files can be easily ungrouped, resized, reshaped, and recolored. The best thing about all of this? Well, when you’re done playing, the results will be hard-working graphics that deliver interest and engagement for your programs.

Our stock graphics get you to "Done!" faster.

eLearning and presentation development takes time. Our stock graphics library is designed to help you spend less of that time searching for the graphics you need to fill your slides, and more time creating learning that delivers! For starters, we only stock what actually works for today’s learning programs, and skip the fluff that just doesn’t. Then, we organize and maintain it in a big library that you can easily filter and search. Boom! Find your graphic, drop it onto a slide, and DONE!

Our stock graphics are created and supported by people you can talk to.

At eLearningArt, we build on experience — ours and yours. Our solutions come from problems we’ve encountered as hands-on eLearning developers, and we always love to hear what solutions would help you make your projects happen. When you’re a member of the eLearningArt library, you’re part of a community that’s always ready to help you out, listen to your requests, and celebrate the creativity that is learning design. We look forward to welcoming you to our world!

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