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$24.99 / mo (billed annually)
  • 1 User
  • Up to 100 downloads p/mo
  • 50,000+ Photo Character Images
  • 6,000+ Illustrated Characters
  • 5,000 Graphics
  • 1,000+ Templated Slides
  • Premium Courses
  • Premium Customer Service
  • Custom Designs
  • Onboarding Manager
  • Design Concierge
  • Insiders Club
  • Quarterly Live Trainings


$49.99 / mo (billed annually)
  • UNLIMITED users
  • UNLIMITED downloads
  • 50,000+ Photo Character Images
  • 6,000+ Illustrated Characters
  • 5,000 Graphics
  • 1,000+ Templated Slides
  • Premium Courses
  • Premium Customer Service
  • Custom Designs
  • Onboarding Manager
  • Design Concierge
  • Insider's Club
  • Quarterly Live Trainings


  • Downloads without the throttles: No image-count limits on daily downloads! Grab what you need when you need it.
  • No per-image cost: Buying by-the-image adds up fast. eLearningArt membership lets you budget once and done.
  • Assets built for eLearning: Every eLearningArt asset is designed for slide-based projects just like yours. No useless and amateur assets.
  • Time-savings systems: Your time is valuable. eLearningArt assets, systems, and library help you build great programs, much faster.
  • Licensing that makes sense: We understand eLearning! Royalty free assets. No attribution required. Good forever in your projects.
  • People who care: Your eLearningArt membership is backed by real people who are ready to help out.

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What’s so special about eLearningArt?
Our images and templates are formatted specifically for eLearning. For example, all of our eLearning characters come with the backgrounds removed, saving you hundreds of hours of painstaking work. All of our member-access assets are created by us (that is, people with experience in eLearning development), and are designed specifically for use in your workplace learning programs. 

Do I really get unlimited access?
Yes. We’ve created a massive library of eLearning assets and you have access to everything. As a member, you’re licensed to make the most of a library that has taken over a decade to build. Access the library for the length of your subscription. Think of this as the Netflix of eLearning images: Pay a small fee, rent access to a great library of assets.

What happens to my access if I cancel by paid membership?
All published courses can continue to include our images, but you may not use downloaded assets or files for any new projects outside your membership period. (Yes, sorry, that means no stockpiling images for use as a non-member.)

Is it easy to cancel my membership?
Yes, we make it easy! You simply log into the library, visit your account page, and choose “Cancel Membership.” You’ll answer a few super-quick questions and be on your way! Your membership will continue through to the end of the current billing cycle.

Can I keep what I’ve used in a program after I cancel my membership?
Yes, at the end of your membership period, assets embedded in a program may remain in that program. Note that after your membership period ends, these assets may only be used in the same program. In addition, at the end of your membership period, you must delete any eLearningArt items that you’ve archived and/or have not already placed in a program.

How often do you update the library?
We work continuously to fill the eLearningArt library with the assets you need to build really great learning! New good stuff is added every week.

Can I change plans at any time?
Yes. You can easily upgrade or downgrade plans anytime. Any balance on your currently plan will be prorated as a credit and applied to your new plan. 

Do I get a prorated refund if I cancel mid-membership cycle? 
Sorry, we don’t offer prorated refunds. You may cancel anytime and your access continues through your paid term. 

Do I pay for each download?
No, your membership gives you full access to the whole library, and once you’re in, you’re ready to download. No additional cost per image, template, or file.

Do we pay for each person who downloads assets from eLearningArt?
No, as long as you choose the Premium membership option, an unlimited number of developers can access the library. Really, no kidding!

Do we pay for each user of our training?
No, you can present your program to one person or one billion people. We won’t mind! (But if it’s really true that 1,000,000,000 people are going to be treated to our assets, please let us know! We want to do a happy dance!)

Still have questions?
We’re real people who are crazy passionate about providing the best possible eLearning assets backed by excellent customer service! Never hesitate to contact us at [email protected] or call (800) 355-5129.

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“Your images help my designs look great! The high-quality images coupled with a great assortment really cut the time it takes to develop a quality e-Learning course.”
Brian Wrest
Senior Instructional Designer

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