eLearning Gamification Examples

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View these examples of eLearning courses that incorporate gamification to create a more engaging and memorable learning experience.

Structural Gamification Examples: Use of game elements, such as points and badges to increase engagement.  

Gamification Example - The Flu Facts

By: Tracy Carroll

Informal learning game teaching flu facts to adults and children. Learn more about this project on Tracy’s site.

eLearningArt assets used: Medical characters

Branching Scenario eLearning Example - Info Dump

 Categories: Scenario | Gamification | Tool: Other

Branching Scenario: Info Dump

By: Cathy Moore

Synopsis: Allison is the avatar leading the learner through a series of choices that lead to different outcomes.

eLearningArt assets used: Business characters

Content Gamification Examples: Use of game stories, challenges, and characters to increase engagement.  

Medical Comic Scenario

By: eLearner Engaged

Synopsis: This comic-style scenario uses the comic panels and characters to set up a challenge, then allows the learner to make a choice and get custom feedback.

eLearningArt assets used: Medical characters, medical backgrounds

Soft Skills Example – Workplace Warzone

By: ELA Studios

Synopsis: This short video conversation between 2 coworkers presents a realistic interaction, followed by an opportunity for learners to make a choice and get feedback. This course highlights the possibility of creating cinematic effects using only still images.

eLearningArt assets used: Business characters, photo backgrounds

Safety Training – Comic Scenario

By: eLearning Coach

Multi-panel comic storytelling safety scenario. 

eLearningArt assets used: Medical characters

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