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 Categories: Stories | Scenarios  |Tool: Storyline

Therapy Scenario with Custom Graphics

By: Allison Kim

Synopsis: Scenario-based course applying treatment procedures to real-world situations that Behavior Analyst’s face.

eLearningArt assets used: Illustrated Characters, Illustrated Backgrounds, Office Objects

 Categories: Stories | Scenarios  | Soft skills

Broken Coworker - Remake using Visual Novel style

By: Ryan Martin

Synopsis: Interactive story remake of the famous “Broken Coworker” examples, this time using the “Visual Novel” framework and images instead of recorded video. 

eLearningArt assets used: Business characters, Office backgrounds, computer objects

eLearning Storytelling - How to Still Deliver the Training Content

 Categories: Stories | Scenarios  | Soft skills

Management Soft-skills Story

By: Rance Greene

Synopsis: Mini scenario-story of a manager and direct report having a conversation to drive learner thinking before teaching content.

eLearningArt assets used: Business characters, computer objects

Medical Comic Scenario

By: eLearner Engaged

Synopsis: This comic-style scenario uses the comic panels and characters to set up a challenge, then allows the learner to make a choice and get custom feedback.

eLearningArt assets used: Medical characters, medical backgrounds

 Categories: Stories | Scenarios  | Video | Tool: Camtasia

Interactive Video Story

By: The Interactive Story

Synopsis: Interactive scenario built using Camtasia hot spots highlights a branching conversation between two characters. 

eLearningArt assets used: Business characters

 Categories: Stories | Scenarios 

eLearning Story Example Using Metaphors and an Avatar

By: Melissa Dougherty

Melissa uses the four-part Setup, Relate, Interpret, Apply (SRIA) model to create engagement with an eLearning avatar. 

Soft Skills Example – Workplace Warzone

By: ELA Studios

Synopsis: This short video conversation between 2 coworkers presents a realistic interaction, followed by an opportunity for learners to make a choice and get feedback. This course highlights the possibility of creating cinematic effects using only still images.

eLearningArt assets used: Business characters, photo backgrounds

eLearning Story Example - Conversations that Work

 Categories: Soft Skills | StoriesTool: Storyline

Interactive Story - Conversations that Work

By: Eva Price

Synopsis: Conversations That Work is an interactive story challenging the learner to make choices that help Joe and his team effectively communicate on the job. Each decision in this branched scenario allows practice of the STATE communication strategy to help build psychological safety at work among staff.

Assets used: Photo characters

Engaging eLearning Example - HR Policy

 Categories: Soft Skills | StoriesTool: PowerPoint

HR Story Example - Working from Home

By: ELA Studios

Synopsis: Project makeover, flipping content from bulleted list of work from home statistics to a story that connected with the audience by putting the content in context. 

Assets used: Photo characters, Background Builder


Soft Skills Micro-scenario - If there is Booze

By: Vignettes Learning / Ray Jimenez

Synopsis: This is one of several micro-stories that highlight potential workplace problems, with interactive choices and feedback provided at the end of each story.

eLearningArt assets used: Business characters

Interactive Compliance Training

By: Yukon Learning

Synopsis: This scenario uses 3 short, realistic stories and with decision points and feedback sprinkled throughout.

eLearningArt assets used: Business characters, photo backgrounds

Safety Training – Comic Scenario

By: eLearning Coach

Multi-panel comic storytelling safety scenario. 

eLearningArt assets used: Medical characters

Soft Skills Scenario

By: Christy Tucker

Synopsis: Scenario showing how both primary and secondary goals can be achieved in a soft-skills managerial course. 

eLearningArt assets used: Business characters

Sexual Harassment Compliance Training

By: Jackie Van Nice

Synopsis: Centered around a single character, Arlo, who isn’t a bad guy, but does run into compliance issues. Learners are presented with “gray-area” scenarios and must determine if Arlo has violated policies (not obvious).

eLearningArt assets used: Business characters, office objects, hands, photo backgrounds

Gamification Example - The Flu Facts

By: Tracy Carroll

Informal learning game teaching flu facts to adults and children. Learn more about this project on Tracy’s site.

eLearningArt assets used: Medical characters

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