eLearning Compliance Training Examples

Get inspiration from sample compliance projects

Examples of interactive eLearning compliance training on topics such as healthcare, HR, and harrassment. Tools used include Storyline, Captivate, and more.

Code of Ethics: Know the Ethical Warning Signs

By: FH-Elearning.com

Synopsis: Interactive portfolio piece alerting Solaria associates to signs that they may be entering ethical danger zones. Learn more about this project by FH-eLearning.

eLearningArt assets used: Business characters, icons

Interactive Compliance Training

By: Yukon Learning

Synopsis: This scenario uses 3 short, realistic stories and with decision points and feedback sprinkled throughout.

eLearningArt assets used: Business characters, photo backgrounds

eLearning Example - Healthcare HIPPA Compliance Scenario

 Categories: Compliance | ScenariosTool: Storyline

Healthcare HIPAA Compliance Scenario

By: ELA Studios

Synopsis: Short, realistic scenes show the nuance of how HIPAA compliance violations actually occur. The learner pulls the compliance content through stories, choice, and feedback, rather than through bullet points.

eLearningArt assets used: Medical characters, medical backgrounds

Safety Training – Build Your Tailgate Safety Meeting

By: FH-ELearning.com

Synopsis: Portfolio piece describing how to use the OSHA IMIS system to gather real-life examples. Learn more about this project by FH-eLearning.

eLearningArt assets used: Workwear characters

Sexual Harassment Compliance Training

By: Jackie Van Nice

Synopsis: Centered around a single character, Arlo, who isn’t a bad guy, but does run into compliance issues. Learners are presented with “gray-area” scenarios and must determine if Arlo has violated policies (not obvious).

eLearningArt assets used: Business characters, office objects, hands, photo backgrounds

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