Software Training eLearning Examples

Get inspiration from sample software training projects

Great examples of software training that can be delivered as eLearning. Software simulations, customer-centric scenarios, and more.

 Categories: Software | Scenario | Tool: PowerPoint

Use-case Driven Software Training

By: Karl Richter

Synopsis: Instead of feature-based software training, this scenario-based software training pulls the training through user-driven inputs. 

eLearningArt assets used: eLearning Illustrated Characters (Fluid)

Software Simulation Example - Richard Watson

 Categories: Software | Scenario | Tool: Storyline

Software Simulation in Storyline

By: Richard Watson

Synopsis: Avatar character introduces context to course before “show me,” “try me” software simulations built using Articulate Storyline.

eLearningArt assets used: Costume characters, textures

Software Training eLearning Example -Avatar Guide

 Categories: Software | Tool: PowerPoint

Software Training Using Avatars

By: FH eLearning

Synopsis: Avatar guides the user through most common errors encountered during customer service calls. 

eLearningArt assets used: Workwear characters

 Categories: Video | Product | Software | Tool: Camtasia

PowerPoint Tutorial

By: ELA Studios

PowerPoint tutorial created using Camtasia. Highlights include a quick-start, 1-minute tutorial, followed by more detailed, advanced tutorials.  

Software Training Example - Tools Tips

 Categories: Software | Tool: PowerPoint

Software Tool Tip Training

By: ELA Studios

Synopsis: Popup tool tips with characters are used to direct the learner through the completion of a form. 

eLearningArt assets used: Business characters

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