Product Training eLearning Examples

Get inspiration from sample product training projects

Great product training examples to inspire ideas for your next eLearning course. Samples for both internal (sales) and external (customer) training.

eLearning Product Training Example - Rebilly

 Categories: Product | Stories | Tool: Google Slides

Product Manager Training

By: Rebilly

Synopsis: Internal product training focused on customer use cases to demonstrate the problems customers face in their current workflow. 

eLearningArt assets used: Business characters

eLearning Product Training Example - Bee Line

 Categories: Product | Stories | Tool: PowerPoint

Prospective Customer Product Training

By: ProEdit

Synopsis: Rotating kiosk presentation designed for display at a conference to teach prospective customers more about service offering. 

eLearningArt assets used: Workwear characters

Real Estate Sales eLearning Example

 Categories: Sales | Product | Scenario | Tool: PowerPoint

Real Estate Sales Upselling

By: FH eLearning

Synopsis: Scenario-based sales training teaching real estate agents how to effectively upsell customers on additional product offerings. 

 Categories: Video | Product | Tool: Snag It

Customer Product Training Example

By: ELA Studios

Customer product training video created using SnagIt video recording and sent to customers via email. 

eLearningArt assets used: Medical characters

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