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Free Articulate Quizmaker template and lesson on how to build your own templates in Quizmaker. This template shows the power of Quizmaker as a scenario tool.

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Video Transcript

Today I’m going to show you how to create and work with character interactions in Articulate Quizmaker.  If you go into the folder of the free download that I put up there, you can play with the source files.  Just go ahead and double click the source file for Quizmaker and the project will open.

Quizmaker is a pretty powerful tool for building scenarios.  Again unlike PowerPoint, the hyperlinks don’t break when you copy – when you copy different scenarios.  Let’s go ahead and just open the scenario and take a quick look at it.

When you double click onto it, it’s going to take you into the – the form view.  And you really want to go into the slide view to be making edits or setting up a scenario, that takes you into a free form format where you could actually be doing a lot more graphical stuff.

And a lot of people don’t think of quizzes as looking like this, but you can really do some powerful things within Quizmaker.  So all I’ve done is – with these different objects, I then make the link buttons cover those objects.  And it’s actually you can – you can still leave the randomization on of – of answers where it shuffles them, as long as you make sure that the boxes are the same size, it will just shuffle the different answers through there.

So I have the – the background image put in there in the – in the slide master, and then characters are in there as individual files.  Let’s do a quick preview of the – of the output.  Okay so here we go.  And you’ll see as I mouse over, it highlights the text box.  And if I select this and click submit, I get feedback based on that answer.

So again you’re getting custom feedback in the challenge, choice, consequence model here.  And then I have it set so that you can retry, because this is really a learning experience.  There’s the right answer, correct and that would then allow you to advance.  All right let’s close out of that.

The power in Quizmaker is really being able to duplicate questions and string them together to create a course.  So if I just go to this first question, let’s say that’s the question that I want, I could just go duplicate question, and now I can go ahead and edit it.

So again I want to go…  I like to go back to the slide view.  Let’s just put some random things in here, it’s just editing this text box.  I’ll just use letters this time.  So CCC.  Let’s go AAA.  BBBB.  And I don’t really need to do this, but I just want to show you guys.  And now I can go back to the form view, and this is where you’ll change the feedback.

So you’ll want to – you can – can change what the correct answer is here.  So let’s say we want A to be the correct answer.  I can also do that in the slide view.  So if I go back and I say A is the correct one, you’ll see that I go back to form view, it’s now switched to A.  And now I can just change that to say nice – nice work, and let’s save and close that.

And I could duplicate this one again.  Let’s do control D to duplicate.  I’ve got this new one.  And let’s go to the slide view, and let’s use numbers here.   So 2222, 1111, make that the right one, go back to form view, you’ll see it followed through, and now I want to edit this, and let’s just say that we put correct in there as the feedback.  You can get more creative.  Let’s save and close.

Now let’s do a preview of this whole thing.  So you’ll see get it wrong, wrong feedback.  Here we go, get it right, again remember A was the right answer you’ll see the shuffling happened.  What happens if I select B?  Incorrect.  Select A.  See the linking all works and that’s great.  Now it takes us to the next one.  And I think we had two as the right one, so if I clicked one, oh I actually made one the right one.

Oh, now I made two the right one.  There we go.  There we go correct.  Okay.  So we saw all that custom feedback come through.  One more thing really quickly.  If you want to change the character, or character expression you could just go change picture and I provided these for you as well.

So let’s do Lisa angry.  You size her up, drop her in, and you’re good to go.  Hope you find that useful.  Quizmaker is a pretty powerful tool for building out scenarios.

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