Create your own eLearning background with walls baseboards and floors


By breaking apart a background image into three elements (walls, baseboards, and floors), you create exponential options for your backgrounds through different configurations. This tutorial will show you how to use the different elements to create your own custom background.

Video Script

All right.  Today I want to walk through another background technique that I first saw David Anderson do called wall, baseboard, floor.  And it’s basically dividing any eLearning background into three different components.

You have a wall…  So let’s start with this one.  You have a wall, and then you have a floor, and then you have a baseboard that separates them.  And you can create a lot of different scenes.  So let’s go back to this one here.  And you’ll see if I were to hide the floor, that was the street was the floor, and then this here the mountains that would be the baseboard you hide that it goes to the sky.

Or if you hide the wall the sky disappears.  So with those three components, you kind of built this scene here.  And have a bunch of different assets that you can mix and match to create whatever scenes you want.  And I played around with a little bit here.

And let’s go…  Let’s look at this one here.  Okay.  Here they are, it’s a starry night, so with the ocean and they are on the beach.  So I could hide, I could hide the beach there.  Or I could hide the ocean which is the baseboard.  And the wall is that, is that sky.

Now here’s one where I got a little bit fancier.  So the wall actually has two components.  These windows have a transparency on them.  So if I were to hide the wall you would see the sky behind it.  I add the wall, there it is again, and the floor here is wood.  Oops, I meant to hide the floor.  There we go.  And you just need to see the wall that was through it, and then there is that baseboard again.

And you can really have a lot of fun with these.  Here is with the splash screen that I created.  The floor is actually the street or the bridge here, and then the city is a baseboard.  Let me move this a little bit.  So here, again, I could hide that baseboard and that’s the city.  Or if I would to hide the floor, that’s the  bridge.  And then you’ll see the background right there.

Here’s another one.  It’s on a beach with the sunset.  Or, I don’t know, crinkled paper and a carpet as the floor.  Here’s kind of a funky one, yellow lined paper, some grass and then the sky behind them.  Or a random one.  I saw David had one, it had a ruler and I liked that so I went and created a ruler baseboard as well.

Let me open up the assets and just show you guys what I mix and match.  So, now here is a couple of different walls that you could mix together.  And let me go to the floors there is a few, the bridge, and the carpet, and some bricks, and wood.  You can build out a bunch more of these, but this is what I’ve just been playing with recently.

City scape, or grass, or mountain range, bridge.  Here’s that ruler.  So I thought that this was a pretty creative way to – to create different background scenes.  And you can really do some fun stuff.  Including building your own.  Here’s one where it’s with a texture fill that was done there.  And here’s – here’s one that I used for the blog post, where the baseboard is a fence.  It’s a repeatable texture horizontally, and then I have the sky, and then I have this grass fill.

So there’s a way you can build some interesting background scenes.  You just go find yourself a wall, a baseboard, and a floor, and you can have a lot of fun with those.  I’ll make a couple of these available for you to play around with as well online on the blog.  So keep a look out for those.

Thanks so much.  Hope you found that useful.

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