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Draw a spotlight in PowerPoint

Download the source files

You can download the source files to follow along with the lesson and use in your own projects.

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  • Sandra Shill

    What version of PowerPoint are you using? I would LOVE to have that visibility pane!

    • I think they’re using PowerPoint 2013, but that pane’s available in version 2007 and later.

      It’s in the Select drop-down at the far right of the Home tab, and the Arrange drop-down on that tab, and in the Arrange section of the Format tab (with the alignment and rotation tools).

      You might also like this 4-minute video that shows how to make parts of a PowerPoint scene (such as photos of people) look like they’re lit up by the spotlight.

      • Sandra Shill

        Thank you!! I have been wanting that feature so badly and had no idea that it was already there (yet another reason I’m not a fan of the whole ribbon thing). I’ll check out that video you linked to, too.

        Appreciate the reply and the tips! 🙂