PowerPoint stop motion animation effects


Quickly create stop motion effects using animations in PowerPoint.

Video Script

Hi this is Bryan Jones from eLearningArt.com.  Today I just wanted to show you how you can create some animated effects in Microsoft PowerPoint using some simple icons.  So going from locked to unlock, closed eye open eye, closed door and open door.

Let me just show you the effect really quick.  So I’ll toggle back and forth.  You’ll see how things go from one state to another state.  So let’s go ahead and get into that slide and – and show you basically what I did.  And there we have the animation pane, and I also like to show the selection and visibility pane as well so you can see what’s what.

But essentially what I’ve done is I – I’ve layered these objects on top of each other, exactly on top of each other, and then done an appear and a disappear effect.  So you can see these are all appears, and these are disappears.

Well let’s go ahead and just strip those out so I can show you guys how to build this from scratch.  So let’s say the – we want the initial state to be locked, eye closed, door closed.  So that’s going to be what’s on screen to start.  So we’re going to make the other ones appear.  So make that appear, disappear, and this appear.

And we can just go up to our animation pane, and we just go appear.  And by doing all three at the same time, it actually made it all start with previous, they are all going to happen at the same time.  So – so that’s good.  And that way I don’t have to do each one individually.  And I can do the same thing here, and let me just run that and show you what happen if I didn’t – if I didn’t do the disappear.

You’d have it appear on top of itself.  Here I have them not on top of each other, but you’d have it show up.  Well what you need to happen is the exact same time you want everything else to disappear.  So let’s go back into PowerPoint, and we want to make these ones disappear.

And we want the selection pane open.  So those three are selected, and add animation, we want the disappear, so there is the disappear.  So let’s preview that and show – actually, they won’t happen at the same time right now.  I’ll show you what happens.

So right, it’s two separate steps, and we want them to happen at the same time.  So we go to this first one, and we go start with previous.  Now let me show you what that looks like, great.  Well, know what you need to do is layer them on top of each other.

So let’s go ahead and align these two.  I set these up in my quick access toolbar, I have another lesson showing you how to do it, but it helps me with my alignment.  So align objects bottom, align objects bottom, and bottom.  These ones look good, the eye doesn’t look quite right so I’m going to go ahead and nudge this with the arrow keys.

That looks pretty good to me.  These ones look okay.  Let’s go ahead and preview that.  Let me get my mouse out of the way.  That looks pretty good.  Anyways, it’s just a different way to think about how to use animations in PowerPoint using the appear, disappear effect.

I do that a lot with characters as well, were I’ll change facial expressions.  So a layer to people right on top of each other, and do an appear and disappear.  Say it would go from, you know, a listening state to a surprised state or an angry state.  And I think I have some lessons on that as well, but you can just basically apply this same effect.

Hope you found that useful.  I have a bunch of other – a bunch of other lessons on icons and animations, so you can visit eLearningArt.com to access more of those lessons, or find me on my YouTube page.  I hope you enjoyed that.  Thanks so much.  Take care.

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