Phone eLearning Characters - Cut Out People for Sales and Customer Service Training

Our Phone Characters Communicate Clearly

If you’re building programs for the dedicated people in call centers, customer service, or sales, cutout characters in the eLearningArt phone collection want to talk to you!

With our phone characters, you can count on the eLearningArt library for people images that communicate! 

Phone characters are part of the eLearningArt membership library, which includes:

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Phone cut out people for sales and customer service

Talk About Variety

In a variety of outfits, wearing headsets, talking on handsets, or using mobile devices, this smart group delivers all the poses and expressions you need to show these men and women on the job. Diverse, of course! Inclusive, for sure! Our phone character collection gives you the people you need to show your workplace in action.

Show a Reaction

The secret sauce for these characters? Emotion! Focused directing at every photo shoot means you (and your learners) get cutout characters that show a range of real emotions, not just fake stock photo smiles.

Everyone Together

Phone characters are part of the eLearningArt posing system, of course, and that means they make a perfect match across the entire eLearningArt character collection. That’s a lot of possibilities for illustrating call scenarios, employee conversations, and anything else your program calls for!

Set Down That Phone

Naturally, people aren’t always on the phone, so we provide the shots you need to show characters in their off-the-phone roles, too.

Fall in Love with Our Features

Our cutout characters live large as high-res .png images.

Shot with state-of-the-art cameras, then carefully processed and quality checked, eLearningArt characters can be pulled out super-large on your slide for a zoomed-in effect. With our newest high resolution files, extreme–and we mean extreme!–close-ups are now possible with zero definition loss.​

Our cutout characters are turnaround specialists.​

You can develop an elearning program with every character facing forward, looking out at the viewer, but here at eLearningArt, we’ve engineered a system that delivers characters with full 360-degree turning power! This opens a whole new world of on-slide possibilities for maximum persuasion, engagement, and plain ‘ol good looks.

Our cutout characters don’t care what tool you’re using.​

They work seamlessly in all the elearning authoring tools (Storyline, Captivate, Lectora), every presentation builder (PowerPoint, Keynote, Slides), and all graphics programs (Photoshop, Lightroom, Paint 3D). In short, our character cutouts will work for you, in whatever tool you’re working in today!

Our cutout characters put you in the director’s chair.

Big, wide-ranging sets of the same model deliver what’s needed to realize your vision. Show a real conversation with characters that talk to each other, not to the camera. Convey emotions with characters that deliver feelings convincingly. Indicate time gone by with outfit changes. Show what you want because we have creativity on-tap.

Our cutout characters are ready for your world.

Every set of images for a given character includes a wide variety of poses and expressions specifically chosen to make it super-easy to tell your workplace learning story. To make sure of this, character poses are not only coordinated within and between sets, but also with backgrounds and objects across the eLearningArt library.

Our cutout characters are backed by real people.

Founded and managed by workplace learning developers, eLearningArt is more than just the promise of great cutout characters. Real humans are always ready to help you out, listen to your requests, and celebrate the creativity that is learning design. Library membership lets you be part of the family that is eLearningArt!

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