Hank Flash Character Pack

Wow your audience with pre-built character animations.

Hank is a latino male with 18 unique animations. Formatted as a Flash file that can be inserted directly into PowerPoint or your e-Learning authoring tool for easy publishing.

Click image to see list of poses and sample animations.

This Character Flash Pack includes 18 different animations pre-built for you in flash for easy integration into e-Learning courses. Click the PLAY button below to see a sample of the types of animations (note: the sample is not of Hank):

Here is what the poses of Hank look like:

Each Flash Animation Pack comes with 18 pre-made animations. You’ll receive each animation in .swf format as well as the original animation Flash files (.fla). Each original Character Pack includes 1 prop, as well.

For non-flash users: Easily insert the finished flash files (SWF) into your authoring tool and publish in seconds. You don’t have to know how to use flash at all. Just insert the finished file.

For flash users: Options to easily modify the original flash file (FLA)  to change hand positions, angle, eyebrow expressions, and moth positions. Animation Packs are easy to use! Each animation is contained in a ‘Graphic’ symbol, so you can easily scale each animation up or down, or flip it horizontally, just by altering one symbol! Each Flash animation pack comes with 3 separate Flash files: 1) .Fla of original Character Pack 2) .Fla of walk cycle 3) .Fla of animations. All Flash animation Pack files are delivered in Flash 5 file format (.fla) and can be opened in any higher version of Flash. All animations are animated at 12 frames per second (fps).