PowerPoint eLearning Template Paper Pad

This paper-pad eLearning template is great for displaying information that would be on a pad of paper, such as notes from a meeting, a message, or simple icon sketch drawings. The template has 5 different views for different uses:

  • Zoom out: The zoomed out view contains both a full length character and a pad of paper as an establishing shot that the character is viewing the information on the pad. This can be used to set the scene before zooming into the information on the pad in one of the views below.
  • Zoom mid: The mid zoom provides a torso shot of the character, and, like the zoomed out view, is great to use as an establishing shot before zooming in on the information on the slide.
  • Zoom in: The zoomed in view focuses entirely on the content being displayed to the learner.
  • Reading: The reading view includes a hand that simulates the effect of either a character or the learner reading the information on the paper.
  • Writing: The writing view includes a hand writing on the paper to simulate either the character or the learner performing a task, such as filling out a form, writing a note, or taking some other action with the content.