Storyline Template Folio

This character and folio eLearning template is great for displaying information that would be in a folio, such as notes from a meeting or a document, to your learners. It’s very easy to modify the content you’re displaying in the folio by simple adding text or graphics. The template has 5 different views with different zoom levels for different uses.

  • Zoom out: The zoomed out view contains a full view of a character to create an establishing shot that the character is the one viewing the information that is displayed on the folio to the right of the screen.
  • Zoom mid: The mid zoom view zooms in slightly on the character to a torso shot and can be used as a standalone image or as a transition in visual storytelling between the zoomed out views and one of the zoomed in views.
  • Zoom in: The zoomed in view focuses completely on the content you’ll be displaying in the folio.
  • Reading: The reading view has a hand holding the folio as if either the learner or the character is viewing the information in the folio.
  • Writing: The writing view has a hand writing the content that is in the folio. This could symbolize the learner or character completing a task in the folio.