Storyline Template Laptop

The laptop eLearning template includes an over-the-shoulder view of a character viewing information on the laptop. This is great for visual storytelling to put your learner in a first-person perspective or to see the information through the eyes of the character you’re displaying. The information you put on the laptop is completely customizable by just adding text or graphics. This template includes 3 different zoom levels that have different uses.

  • Zoom out: The zoomed out view provides an over-the-shoulder view of the character and is good for visual storytelling that the character is viewing the information. It can establish the scene before moving to a
  • Zoom mid: The mid zoom view includes a partial shot of the character, but shifts the focus more onto the information being displayed on the laptop.
  • Zoom in: The zoomed in view focuses the learners attention on the information being displayed on the laptop.