Storyline Template Retro TV

This retro tv eLearning template is a fun way to display information. You can easily add custom text or graphics to the screen to display the message or scene of your choice. In two of the views, an over-the-shoulder view of a character is provided to create a first person perspective for the learner. In total, there are three different views for different uses.

  • Zoom out: The zoomed out view includes an over-the-shoulder view of a character that is great for an establishing shot to put the learner in a first-person perspective, or to see through the eyes of a character. You can then use one of the zoomed in views below to focus on the screen.
  • Zoom mid: The mid zoom still contains a slight view of the character, but focuses more on the information on the screen. It works well as a transition between the zoomed out view and the zoomed in view.
  • Zoom in: The zoomed in view focuses the learner’s attention on the screen where you can provide a custom message or scene.