Storyline Template Whiteboard

The whiteboard eLearning template is great for displaying information on a board that a character is presenting the learner (or a wider audience). It’s easy to add your own custom text or graphics onto the whiteboard to display content of your choice, such as a simple message or a lesson. The whiteboard template comes in three different views:

  • Zoom out: The zoomed out view of the shows both the whiteboard and the character, with a split in focus between the character and the board. This is good for creating an establishing shot in visual storytelling. You can start with this view, then move to one of the zoomed in views to focus on the content.
  • Zoom mid: The mid zoom view increases the size of the board to slightly shift the focus from the character to the board.
  • Zoom in: The zoomed in view of the whiteboard focuses entirely on the content on the board.