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From cutout characters to stock graphics to ready-built templates, we offer awesome time-saving solutions that work with all versions of Storyline (1, 2, 3, and 360), as well as Rise, Engage, Quizmaker, and other Articulate offerings. So hang onto your seat, because whether you work on a PC or Mac, you’re about to hit warp speed!

That’s because here you’ll quickly find all the slide-building assets you need, bypass the tricky photo editing steps, and complete slides that are perfect for your program — all this in minutes, not hours.

For incredible depth and breadth of choices, combine eLearningArt’s library with Storyline’s Content 360 collection. Together they are an unbeatable combination!

If you build eLearning in Articulate Storyline, Studio, or Rise, you’re in the right place! But don’t just take our word for it. Start your free 7-day trial today!

Great Things Happen in Storyline

Our team and their team: Solid!

Storyline characters, meet eLearningArt characters! When you need more poses, more outfits, more emotions, don’t get frustrated! Call in reinforcements! The eLearningArt cutout character collection delivers a super-wide range of characters on transparent backgrounds, and these fit right in with characters on offer in Storyline. No need to wait for the occasional onesie-twosie additions to their collection. With eLearningArt, your character options just increased by 50,000-plus images!

Focus on the finish

Consistency is key. To build a program that pulls your learners in, and provides them with a seamless, almost cinematic, experience, you need to keep the look and feel in focus from the first slide to the last. But that’s a tough job when you rely on standard stock photo collections like the one built into Storyline. Why? Because the assets in these general collections aren’t laser-focused for workplace learning and they’re not curated to facilitate continuity across a multi-slide program. We say skip all that! Reduce search time, build consistent programs, and focus on the finish with eLearningArt instead.

Download, drag, drop, and done

You’re going to love the astoundingly convenient workflow when you work with eLearningArt, Chrome, and Storyline. Locate your character or other graphic goodie in our library, choose the size you need, click download, and your choice is delivered right to your download bar. Click and drag that to your slide, and boom! It’s part of your program. As an added convenience, it’s also going to be filed away automatically in your chosen Downloads location, so you can access the asset in a jiffy again if you need to..

Naming that points the way

OK, this may seem like a small thing, but it can be a big deal when you’re building learning and need to do that quickly and efficiently … How are the assets you place on your slide named? Every asset file in the eLearningArt library gets a strong name that tells you what that item is all about. For characters, it’s their name, what they are doing, the file pixel size, and the eLearningArt media identifier (for easiest of all backtracking in the library), and for graphics, filenames include a similarly detailed list. So, next time your timeline is filled with a stack of characters all designated by name alone (Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam …) , think how helpful it would be to identify what’s what at just a glance.

PowerPoint handshake

Here at eLearningArt, we love us some PowerPoint, and we love the way Articulate products easily convert PowerPoint files to SCORM-compliant eLearning! Of course, all of our characters, graphics, and templates work perfectly in PowerPoint. That means rich programs can take shape in powerful, user-friendly PowerPoint (the program that everyone has) and be completed in the more specialized Storyline. It’s a workflow that encourages collaboration, easy slide-building, and quick progress, all big wins for the you, the developer. Take advantage of the three-way handshake: PowerPoint, Articulate, and eLearningArt!


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