iSpring Templates

We develop templates for 14 different types of eLearning course elements. Pick and choose from the list below to build your ideal course.

PowerPoint is a powerful tool for eLearning…You just need to know how to use it. When we develop our PowerPoint templates for eLearning, we think beyond boring click-thru courses and bullet points. All of our templates are designed natively in PowerPoint and are flexible. That means that means that you can change backgrounds, characters, colors, and text easily inside of PowerPoint. You can also scroll through some of the templates below.

What format are the templates in?

Since iSpring is PowerPoint based, all of the templates are in PowerPoint.

How do the templates work?

Each 4-option scenario template consists of 5 slides. The base slide with the question prompt and options, as well as 4 feedback slides. Selecting an option takes the user to the slide with custom feedback for that choice. If the user chooses the correct option, they can advance; if they choose an incorrect option, they are provided feedback, with a link to return to the base slide and try again.

How do I edit the templates?

Editing the scenario text, options, and feedback is easy

Can I create a second scenario within the template?

Yes. You can create as many scenarios as you want. Just copy all 5 slides and paste them below. Make sure you go back and edit the hyperlinks.

What if I only want to have 2 or 3 options instead of 4?

That’s no problem. Just delete those options on the base slide and delete the corresponding feedback slides.

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