Build e-Learning scenes in minutes

Hey! It’s Art again – E-Learning Art. I’m back with Lesson Two. After going through this lesson, you should be able to create a custom scene in minutes. Do it faster than I did and I’ll send you some additional free images! In Lesson One, I showed you that PNG image files are perfect for e-Learning because they remove the characters from their backgrounds. In this lesson, I’ll show you how to actually build a scene with these images

Building a Scene in Minutes

Let’s get right to it. Here is a video example in which I build a scene in the break room in less than two minutes. You can watch it or read below:

If you have built e-Learning scenarios in the past, you know that you spend a lot of time in the image searching and editing process. Fortunately, with our files, you can use images that were designed specifically for rapid e-Learning development. In fact, all of our characters have the backgrounds removed so that you can use the winning equation of CHARACTERS + BACKGROUNDS = SCENE.

Let’s say I want to create a 2-person scenario in which a female African-American senior manager is speaking with a male Asian-American mid-level manager in a conference room. Rather than searching for one perfect image that meets all of those criteria, I just look in my “Lisa” pack (104 photos of a female African-American senior manager), “Cory” pack (110 photos of a male Asian-American mid-level manager), and office background pack. Then I find the specific pose that I need. In this case, Lisa is talking, Cory is listening, and there is a background image of a conference room. For example, these images work well:

I can put these together into a quick scene:

One important element of our images is that we’ve taken photos of all our models at a side angle in addition to them facing forward. This allows you to build more effective scenarios in which your characters interact. Most of the stock image sites only have characters facing the camera.


Take a look at your demo pack. First, try inserting some characters on top of the background. Play around with the characters to get the perspective just right. Next, add some speech bubbles. Before you know it, you’re on your way to building an effective scenario! Up for an additional challenge? See if you can build a scenario faster than we did in the video link above. In fact, if you can, send us an email at with “Faster Than Art” in the subject line. Include some proof (like a Screenr or YouTube video) and we’ll send you some more free images!

Where’s my first set of free images?

When you subscribed to the blog via email or filled out the request for the free set of images, you should have received a link to a free set of images. About 5% of our readers don’t get the email because it goes to their junk box folder. If you send an email to with the words: “free images” in the subject line, I’ll send you a direct link to the download.

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