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Use images formatted for e-Learning to reduce development time.

“What are images formatted for e-Learning?” you ask. “And how can they save me time?” I’m so glad you asked! These questions are particularly important if you build character-based scenarios.

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If you’ve ever tried to create a scene using a typical stock image site, you know how frustrating it can be. You have to sort through thousands of photos. You need to find the right characters in the right poses with the right backgrounds. In fact, you’re lucky to find a single image that meets your needs. And to make matters worse, when you need to find the same character model in different poses for the rest of your scene, you can’t find any other appropriate images. You probably ended up using images that weren’t quite right for your scenario. I HATE it when that happens!

After the frustration of searching typical stock image sites, you are going to LOVE the power of the PNG. All of our characters are formatted for e-Learning in .png format with a transparent background. With a PNG, you can take character images and drop them onto any background image you would like– for example, a board room, a cubicle, or an office.

Breaking characters from their backgrounds changes how you build character-based scenarios! Rather than wasting time finding the right characters in the right poses with the right backgrounds, you can pick and choose characters and backgrounds that you like in PNG format to create the perfect scene.


Note that this is only possible with PNG files. JPEG images will NOT give you the results or the flexibility that you need.

This equation can change your entire approach to building scenarios. Instead of getting frustrated and spending hours searching for a few perfect images, you can build your own scene in just a few minutes. In our next lesson, we’ll show you how to build a scenario in minutes.


Take a look at a few of the character images in your demo pack. You will notice that they are in .png format. This allows us to make the backgrounds transparent so that you can just drop them on any background. Try dropping the characters onto a few different backgrounds in the demo pack. Pretty cool, huh?

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