Let’s Talk Scenarios! Bryan chats with Anna Sabramowicz

Advice, tips, and surprising reveals!

I had the recent good fortune of sitting down with the great Anna Sabramowicz, whose master-level eLearning-scenario building skills I’ve admired for years.

Anna rocks one of the most popular YouTube channels for eLearning professionals interested in scenarios and stories.

In fact, I highly recommend you take 30 seconds now and subscribe to her YouTube so that you’ll get updates on content as she posts it. And, for some free training from Anna on scenarios, visit ScenarioDesignSecrets.com.

And now, here’s the interview, where we talk about topics like:

  • My best advice for the one-person training department
  • My top four tips for designing eLearning like a pro
  • How to extract useful tips from internal experts
  • How to build an eLearning portfolio
  • Free bonus images for those who listen to the interview
  • And much, much more…


I think watching the whole interview is great … but, if you’re short on time, scan the topics below and jump to the section that interests you most:

  • How I got started in eLearning – I’m an accidental instructional designer, too. (1:03)
  • Origin story of eLearningArt – My own struggles with images as an eLearning consultant (2:13)
  • What’s wrong with most stock photo sites and how eLearningArt overcomes that (3:55)
  • How using people images in eLearning helps your real people engage – Even in software training?! (6:00)
  • Degrees of emotion and how these are captured in eLearningArt photos (9:55)
  • How humans instantly interpret meaning through facial expressions (11:45)
  • An insider’s view of eLearningArt photoshoots (14:10)
  • Photos vs illustrations. Which is better? or “Let’s talk about creepy robots” (16:21)
  • Why I like still images better than video (19:50)
  • Why Anna thinks eLearningArt is timeless and why I disagree (21:24)
  • How I think about diversity within the eLearningArt library (Hint: It’s all about the matrix!) (22:24)
  • How Anna makes the most of eLearningArt, and takes it beyond eLearning courses (24:16)
  • A “course” isn’t always the answer: Advice for novice ID or the one-person training department (26:50)
  • Let your inner Goldilocks come out to play: How to extract shareable tips from internal experts (32:04)
  • Do you need a professional crew for video? (33:52)
  • Why you must have an eLearning portfolio (and how to get it done) (36:10)
  • My top tips for developing eLearning like a pro (even if you aren’t one) (43:50)
  • How to create a mini-scenario with almost no design, using just context and story (50:04)
  • The skills needed by every accidental instructional designer today (51:22)
  • What to say to people who are skeptical about online learning (54:10)
  • How a learner’s motivation plays a role in learning (59:57)
  • Good examples of courses showcasing people and expressions (1:00:48)
  • My favorite book – I dismissed it at first, but prized it later (1:03:30)
  • How to create training quickly using the 80/20 rule (or 90/10, or 95/5 … that’s OK, too) (1:05:05)
  • My biggest career lesson – There’s passion, and there’s drive, which one comes first in success? (1:06:18)

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