The Free Tools You Need to Build Your Programs

eLearningARt tools we created for ourselves and share with you

There’s a lot of “rinse and repeat” when building slide-based elearning and presentations, but these tools can help you get the jobs done faster! No need to get out that old calculator, pencil, and paper. We’ve done the thinking for you!

Want to know how long it takes to create an eLearning course? Use this handy tool to get a quick estimate. 

Pixel-to-Print Size Calculator

Criss-crossing between inches and pixels, and flummoxed by the math of it all? The Pixel-to-Print Size Calculator lets you make the conversions easily.

Aspect Ratio Calculator

When you have a specific spot for your graphics but resizing is required, you need to know your new dimensions. Forget the middle-school math, just use this tool.

Word Count Calculator

This is a great multi-tasking tool! Use it to determine word and character counts, and handily enough, to strip out formatting from a block of text.

Audio Narration Cost Calculator

Estimating the cost of voice over narration? Just find out the artist’s cost per minute, the word count of your script, and boom, you’ll have the total cost.

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Placeholder text is handy for prototyping, testing, and zooming in on slide solutions. Use our generator to instantly grab the exact amount of lorem ipsum you need.

Conversation Template

Conversation template that allows you to use a single background to create three different zooms and three perspectives to simulate a conversation between characters. 

Free eLearning Images

Woah! 100 free eLearningArt characters images. Limited time only. Grab them while we’re still offering this. 

eLearning Storyboard Template

A quick tool that allows you to mock up course designs in PowerPoint to share concepts with your stakeholders. 

PowerPoint Shortcuts Job Aid

All of our favorite PowerPoint shortcuts in one place. If you use PowerPoint for eLearning or presentation design, this is a huge time save. 

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