Create e-Learning simulations in 2 minutes with character packs

Learn how to use characters and backgrounds to rapidly develop e-Learning simulations.

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Our character packs were created to allow for rapid simulation development. To create a full simulation, you’ll need to first develop a script with many scenes. In the example below, let’s assume the scene we want is a Sr. Manager talking to a mid-manager in the break room. Once you have your script, follow these four steps to create any scene. Watch the video below or scroll down to read the article.

The concept you need to understand is background + characters = scenario

1. Select a background: Let’s say by the water cooler.
We have over 45 backgrounds for you to choose from.

2. Select your characters: For this example, let’s have a white, male Sr. Manager and an African American, female mid-manager.

3. Select the expressions: For this example, the senior manager will be talking and the mid-manager will listening. Our character packs have over 75 images per pack.

4. Arrange the characters on the background: Make sure to get the right perspective with the characters on the backgrounds. If something looks strange, you’ll need to make your characters larger or smaller, or moved up or down on the screen.

5. Done. You’ll have to decide how you want the characters to interact. For example, are you using text boxes or audio? In this example, we just added some simple call-outs in PowerPoint.