Stock photos for eLearning

Learn the problems with existing stock photo sites and how character packs help you create engaging courses.

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eLearningArt was launched to fill the gap between what e-Learning developers need and what is out there on existing stock image sites. Here is a quick overview of why character packs are a better for e-Learning than traditional stock image sites.

Save time: If you’ve ever built a course and started looking for images to populate your course, you know how long it takes to find images that fit together. We’ve grouped our images into packs that save you time.
The right format: When you download images from traditional stock sites, they are .JPG with a white background (if you’re lucky) or already have a background. Our character packs have the background removed and are set to transparent so that you can drop them on top of any background.

The right look: We’ve shot our models in business casual, not business formal. Also, we’ve looked for people who could actually work with you (i.e. not just beautiful people like most stock sites).

Selection of images: When you find the character you’d like on a stock site, there might only be a few options to choose from (often only 1). Each pack has at least 75 images of different expressions and poses. Also, there are 2 character packs per model, so that you can get them in 2 separate outfits.

Full body shots: By having a full body shot, you can place the character wherever you want on the background. Often, stock sites have body parts running off the screen, so you’re stuck with the positioning of the image.