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We’ve included a free rapid storyboard that you can use to build a quick mockup of a character-based eLearning course. Storyboards have been helping developers build training and eLearning courses for decades. Our free rapid storyboard below is meant to allow you to quickly mock up a course in PowerPoint to get buy in before beginning your design. If you click on the image of the storyboard below, you’ll find the download links and a youtube video highlighting how you can use the storyboard. 

eLearning projects don’t need to be bespoke. You can use storyboards, scripts, and a process as your blueprint to faster course design. 

Rapid Storyboard

All of our stock object images are cut out and isolated on transparent backgrounds. That means you can download the file from the library, drop it onto your slide, and call it done. It also means that every eLearningArt cutout object saves you precious development minutes that you can use for more important activities

Free eLearning Rapid Storyboard

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