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PowerPoint is a great tool for rapid storyboarding. We’ve created a free eLearning storyboard template that will allow you to quickly mock up an eLearning course, exercise, or quiz. This template uses a mix of images and text to visually demonstrate how a course will function, without getting distracted by the details.

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Video Transcript

Hi.  I’d like to introduce a rapid storyboarding tool that I’m playing around with right now.  It’s PowerPoint based.  And basically, I’m using objects and layers to help build out a quick mock-up of a course.

So as you can see here, I have some people shadows, and I have some objects.  And this first string is in the instructions.  So actually let’s go ahead and just get started.  So the first step is just to duplicate the screens.  So I go off to the left here, and the thumbnail, control D, and now I can change the background.

So within PowerPoint, I’ve added a few differently layouts in some office settings that you can use.  So let’s just say you wanted to use a hallway.  So you can drop a hallway in there.  And you want to have two characters talking, so let’s go ahead and use this character and make her bigger.  And this male character here, duplicate him, make him bigger.

And we can grab a couple of speech bubbles and just drop those up here.  So if you’re doing some rapid scenario building, this is a pretty good tool for that.  Nope.  I duplicated that, put that down here, drag this back around.  And then you can change the text within here.

Also allows — I have speech bubbles, I put a commentary in here so if you wanted to say, “in the hallway,” or “in the office,” you can drop that up there, and some buttons as well.  So some examples of — of what I did with this, here’s one where you can do, again, just a scenario example.  You can set the scene up, have a conversation going back and forth, and build a few different slides.

Now the nice thing about the layouts here is, you can go into the slide masters and you can move from say — you know, we had originally it was the hallway, but you can move from the hallway, you can drop them into an office, or a cube.  Right?  So that’s a pretty — a pretty neat little way to build a scenario.

Some other things you can do is you can build the — a quiz, or the — the branching scenario.  So the buttons could be choices that were hyperlinked to new slides.  And again this is just for a mock-up, but you could actually then turn this into a course.

Here’s another option you could use for — for a branching scenario, or a quiz, maybe interacting with your boss, or it could be customer service, something like that, where you set up a scene using these characters.  And what I like using the shadows is that you’re not set on what character you’re using, so people don’t get attached to that.

You can mock-up the course really quickly and then insert your characters later.  So I will make this available for free download so that you can play around with it.  And to — to the e-Learning community, I’m really hoping to get some feedback on how I can improve this.  It’s just a concept for rapid storyboarding.

Look forward to seeing what you all can create with it.  I guess I should tell you where I’m going — I’m going to put it.  It’s going to be up on  And I may also post to a few other places.  So enjoy!

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