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for eLearning instructor-led training presentations workplace learning explainer videos corporate training

eLearningArt Characters - Homepage Graphic

Your projects easier and faster!

eLearning Characters - Photo Cut Out Images of People in Many Outfits

Photo Characters

High-quality people photos, specially posed on transparent backgrounds.

Illustrated eLearning Characters - Illustrated, Cartoon, and Stylized Cut Outs

Illustrated Characters

A growing library of illustrated characters, featuring fully-posable sets.

eLearning Graphics - Backgrounds, Cut Out Objects, Icons, and More


Stock graphics and backgrounds for slide-based building, all in one spot.

eLearning Templates for Course Design and Presentations


Pre-built slide and graphic templates to give your project a head start.

Assets for the tools you use

...and everywhere else!

Real people, supporting the work you do

Bryan Jones

Hi, I’m Bryan Jones, eLearningArt founder and Character #1!

When I started as an eLearning developer, nothing frustrated me more than wasting precious hours in a chase for graphic assets to fill my slides.

I knew there had to be a better way. It would be a solution that saved search time and delivered what’s really needed for workplace learning. It would help people like me get to D-O-N-E, and hear “I love it!” that much sooner.

The eLearningArt membership library is that better way, and it’s my way of making your life a lot easier. I look forward to sharing it with you!

Today’s a great day!

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