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How to Create ClipArt

How to Create Your Own ClipArt

Step-by-step instructions on how to make your own ClipArt in PowerPoint for free. Learn not only how to create ClipArt, but also to save it as a PNG or vector (EMF) image to use in other programs, like Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and more. Below is a short 2-part video series (under 5 minutes each) or view the …

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Import Powerpoint into Captivate

Description How to import a PowerPoint into Captivate. PowerPoint is a powerful graphic design tool and often it is easier to design in PowerPoint, then bring into Captivate. But there are a few tricks to pay attention to. Video transcript below. Video Transcript Hey this is Bryan Jones from  Just wanted to show you, …

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eLearning Tips from Tom Kuhlmann

eLearning tips from Tom Kuhlmann

I had the pleasure of interviewing eLearning guru Tom Kuhlmann, VP of Community at Articulate and the author of the Rapid eLearning Blog, the most popular blog in the eLearning industry with over 100k subscribers. In this interview Tom shares his advice on how to improve as an eLearning developer, and his thoughts on topics …

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eLearning Intro Screens - How to Build

6 eLearning Intro Screen Ideas

You only have one chance to make a first impression. That’s why the intro, or “splash” screen, is arguably the most important slide in your eLearning course. While it doesn’t change performance, it does set the tone for the learner’s experience. “Does this course look like it is well designed or just thrown together?” The …

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