Character Packs: What are they?

Learn the basics of character packs by reading this brief article or watching our overview video.

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Character Packs

This 1-minute video is the best way to learn about our character packs. There is also a brief description below.

One model, many images: A character pack is a set of images of the same model in many poses, from several angels. Our models are happy, sad, laughing, angry, etc. And we’ve shot them standing and sitting, and head on and from the side. This creates flexibility for you to build your own scenes. Below is an example of the number of images per character pack.

The right format: An important component of our character packs is the format they are in. We’ve manually traced all of the images and created a transparent background. That means that you can drop these characters onto any backgrounds. Select your scene with our backgrounds; add a character and now you have the shot you want in just a few seconds.

Many styles: We’ve taken shots of normal looking people in business casual outfits, medical attire, industrial outfits, suits, and more.