eLearningArt (and Life) Updates: September 2017

eLearningArt Updates September 2017

It’s been a crazy and sad year for me personally, but the business has continued to march on.

And as my dad always said “Today is a great day!” so there is plenty to celebrate as well.

I have some important personal and professional updates I’d like to share.

Personal updates

My dad passed away

Sadly, my dad passed away from ALS last December. It’s a huge loss for me and my family. I think about him every day. He was an amazing dad and I aspire to be the type of man, husband, friend, and father he was. I feel grateful I was able to spend so much time with him in the last year of his life, but he will continue to be missed. Here’s a nice article the local paper did about him just after his death.

We moved houses (again!)

We’re loving Lake Tahoe, but the housing situation up here has been crazy. We’ve moved 4 times in 14 months with 2 kids under 4. But we’re locked in for another year here and are looking forward to being settled in one place.

Training for ALS awareness ride to honor my dad

Last year, I did the 62 mile challenge ride to raise money and awareness for ALS. This year, I’m upping it to the 100 mile ride. It is sad that he won’t be joining us for the event this year 🙁 We’ve raised $14k of our $20k goal so far and there are several ways you can help.

Today is a great day!

I debated whether or not to share the info about my dad and worried about it being sad and depressing. But he inspired me with his approach to life and lived by the motto: “Today is a great day!” So hug someone you love today and let today be a great day!

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Blog updates

Here are my 6 favorite posts from last year:

4,443 Character Pack Cutout Images Released

In April of this year, I started ramping up the release character images again. These 4,443 new images bring the total people cutout library to 43,691 images for our members! Here are the categories we updated:

Business casual

elearning characters business casual

In April, we released 5 sets of business casual characters, each with over 200 images per set. These characters all  filled an important slot in our diversity matrix (age, ethnicity, gender, etc). Business casual continues to be one of the strongest represented category with 11,317 total images Check out all of the business causal characters here.


eLearning characters medical

In May, we added 4 labcoat characters and 2 in characters in scrubs. This shoot primarily focused on adding to the Hispanic medical characters (5 of the 6 sets). The medical category continues to be one of our core category and we update it frequently. We now have 7,934 total medical character images. Check out all of the latest medical images here.


eLearning characters casual

In June, we added 4 casual characters. This category has grown a lot over the past few years and we now have 7,235 casual character images. Check out all of the latest casual characters here.


eLearning characters call center

In July, we released 5 sets of characters on the phone, which is great for call center or sales training. This is a newer category, but has been rapidly expanding. We now have 2,009 total images. Check out the latest people on the phone images.

Business casual

people cutout images in business casual

Last month (August), we restocked the business casual library again with 4 new sets. 3 of the 4 sets were Hispanic characters and I’m pleased that the diversity of the library continues to expand. We now have 11,317 images in this category. Check out all of the business causal characters here.

What’s new for the next few months

There are a ton of new characters images slated to be released. I also have a few new categories of graphics and templates that I’m working on…

I’m excited about them and will share more over the coming months.

15 thoughts on “eLearningArt (and Life) Updates: September 2017”

  1. I didn’t know about your father. So sorry for your loss. Keep going on, though. It sounds like he was the type of father that wanted only the best for his son and was very proud of you.

    1. Thanks Margaret. He did want the best for me. And he told me he was proud all the time. It didn’t matter if things were good or bad… a conversation with him always made me feel good. 🙂

  2. Hey Bryan – thanks for this post. I’m so sorry about your Dad.

    I also lost my Dad this year. He passed way in February at the end of a lengthy battle with dementia. I spent the last 2 years of his life as his primary carer, and although at times this wasn’t easy, I cherish every moment I spent with him and am eternally thankful for the times we shared together and the wonderful memories I have of him. I think about him every day. His passing (the same week as my daughter’s wedding) has impacted my life immeasurably and for a while there my business took a back seat, but like you, my Dad was proud of everything I did, so life goes on and things are slowly returning to normal, or as normal as they can be after your Dad passes.

    Your character library is amazing – I’m well on the way with that little project we spoke about earlier in the year using your characters. I’ll be sharing a link for you to look at this pretty soon.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Dianne- I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad. I didn’t realize we had that in common when we spoke a few months back. I’m still adjusting to the “new normal” too.

  3. I’m sorry for your loss but how wonderful you are honoring him with your ALS ride. My mother passed in 2015 from complications from COPD and I walk in honor of her now to raise awareness.

    Thank you for all the new character packs and best of luck!

  4. Few people get such a wonderful article written about them after they pass away. What a wonderful man he was. I understand how much you must miss him. My dad died in a work accident when I was only two so I never really had a dad growing up (my sister was born three months after his death so she didn’t even get an early life with him). Nevertheless, I know full well how hard it is to lose your father or mother, no matter their age or ours, and your dad was certainly not old. My heart goes out to you.

    Thanks also for making your assets so cool!

    1. Thanks Joe- I’m really sorry you didn’t get to know your dad. Tragic. I don’t think there’s any age that isn’t hard. Thanks again for the kind words. And also thanks for the donation to the ALS fundraiser. Very generous.

  5. I’m sorry for your loss Bryan. It is great to read how your father has, and is, inspiring you to be a better person. I’m inspired by his motto too and will embrace that today.

  6. Hi Bryan,
    So sorry to hear about your Dad. I lost my mom to ALS in 2004. I think about her every day. Best of luck in your bike ride to support the ALS Association. I sent along a small donation. I know that the memories you have of your dad will be with you the whole journey. Best wishes!

    1. Bret – Sorry to hear about your mom’s death to ALS. It’s a terrible disease. Hopefully in our lifetimes there will be a cure. There have been so many breakthroughs in research over the past few years. Thanks so much for the donation. Very thoughtful. I’m doing a 72 mile training ride around Lake Tahoe tomorrow. If I can make it through that, I’ll be in good shape for the 100 mile ride next weekend. 🙂

  7. Hey Bryan so sorry for your loss. I lost both my parents when I was in my 30’s and early 40’s and that is a very, very tough thing. Hang in there. It changes you but one does move on. I try to remember they’re forever part of me. I do have a salient question. The Storyboarding tool on your site sounded so great – but the link that I was sent automagically 🙂 went nowhere. The file has been moved or the folder closed down in your Dropbox folder. Any suggestions?

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