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Tracking Shot Effect in PowerPoint

How to create a tracking shot PowerPoint animation effect

Download the source files [highlight]You can also [dlink link=’https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2332114/eLearningArt_GiveAways/AssetsBlog/Angles-Film/Angles-Article-Giveaway/4-Tracking-Shot-Effect.pptx’] download the PowerPoint source files[/dlink] with the animations and the images included and follow along with the lesson.[/highlight]   Video Transcript Hey this is Bryan Jones from

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eLearrningArt updates February 2016

February 2016 Updates

It’s been another great month at eLearningArt. For the first time in 7 years of blogging, I released a post every week in a month. To put it in perspective, in all of 2015 I

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Essential eLearning Templates

14 Essential eLearning Templates

When I develop eLearning courses, there are many common elements that I use over and over. By identifying patterns, I can create a reusable framework that reduces development time on future courses. Tom Kuhlmann had

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Jane Bozarth Interview

Tips from L&D pro Jane Bozarth

I recently had the opportunity to interview the great Jane Bozarth, eLearning author and speaker on such topics as building more engaging training and using social as a learning tool. [highlight]For the next few days,

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